Zedge Premium Artist Profile: Abid Husain

By Tim Quirk 4 min read
Zedge Premium Artist Profile: Abid Husain

Q. Who are you and where are you located?

A. My name is Abid Husain and I am from India. I am a mechanical engineer by profession. My passion is to do photography and make designs/arts.

Q. What kind of art do you make?

A. Initially, I started with photography and I still do it. But nowadays, I am more focused on exploring AI. I do not stick to any specific genre of art, rather I love to explore various genres of arts.

Astronaut Skull, from Art Impression by Abid

Q. When and why did you first become an artist?

A. I had an interest in photography since my college days. After graduation I have been working as an engineer. During my free time, I love to do photography and make art. I started as an artist to share my photography work and of course to make some extra money. Around 80% of my income comes from my profession and rest from my art.

Q. What tools do you use most in your work, and how has that changed over time?

A. I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for editing photos and wallpapers. I use Adobe Sketchbook app for making simple graphics, and I use Adobe After Effects for video editing.

Q. What’s your opinion of AI image generators? If you use them in your work, please tell us how.

A. I have been exploring AI since it was in the development stage back in 2021. I started to use Midjourney to generate wallpapers in November 2022. To be honest after that I rarely use any other tool to make wallpapers. I think AI will take control over art industry in upcoming years because it is way faster and efficient than human made art. But still we will need human efforts to perfectly make art through AI.

Q. How and when did you first discover Zedge Premium?

A. I came to know about Zedge Premium in November 2021 through one of my friends.

Q. How many profile pages do you have in Zedge?

A. I started with just one profile and over the years I have created total 32 profiles.

Q. How many items do you upload each day/week/month on average?

A. I have total portfolio of around 6,500 items over 2.5 years which is equal to around 7-8 items per day. Someday I upload 10-12 items and someday I don’t upload anything.

Q. How much money do you make from Zedge in an average week/month/year?

A. For me Zedge has never been about money. The process from making wallpaper, editing, uploading and getting success on Zedge gives me fun and relaxation. My monthly average depends on how much active I am in that month and/or my wallpapers/collections get featured or not. My highest was around $800 in Feb-2023. On an average it varies from $250-650 per month.

Q. What are some of your most successful works with Zedge users? How much has each one earned you?

A. My most successful wallpaper till now is Green Stones, which earned me around $950. I am able to sell around 180 NFTs till now.

Green Stones

Q. What are some of your favorite recent pieces of work that are available in Zedge?

A. Recently I created profiles based on colors and subject. I love skull theme, Black and golden colors wallpapers.

Black Skull, from Black by Abid

Q. What’s surprised you about Zedge users? Has anything about them changed your approach to your work?

A. I am very thankful to the users from all over the world who has given love to my work. They like simple and clean wallpapers the most.

Q. What tips or tricks do you have for other Zedge artists?

A. This one is the most important and I will answer this in details. When I started as premium artist there was a very less competition compared to now. In those initial days when I upload the new item I used to get downloads very quickly. This was opposite to the most of the stock websites where you need to wait for long time to sell only one item. I took Zedge as quick money making and started to upload as many wallpapers as I can. In doing so I forgot to focus on quality and soon my downward trend started.

After that I changed my approach and started to upload only quality works. This slowly converted into good success. I started enjoying the whole process and today making art and sharing it on Zedge is one of my favorite activity. So don’t take short cuts as a new artist. Always double check for copyright and policy terms before uploading any items because you don’t want to get suspended. This is the worst thing that can happen with artist, so be careful. Enjoy the process rather than focusing on money making on Zedge.

Q. What other artists or works inspire you?

A. Nature inspires me a lot. I always take inspiration from nature and try to incorporate it in my work.