Why We Built GuruShots

By Gilon Miller 3 min read
Why We Built GuruShots
GuruShots CEO, Gilon Miller

As the Founder of GuruShots, I want to share with you the essence and journey of GuruShots, a platform that’s truly revolutionized the way people who love taking photos engage with others who enjoy the same. With mobile phones, Photography has never been more accessible, yet finding a community that not only showcases your work but also encourages you to surpass your current limitations is rare. GuruShots is a fusion of photography and gaming designed to elevate your photographic journey.

Why GuruShots is a Game Changer

Picture this: a community where photography transcends merely sharing images. Instead, it's a competitive yet friendly environment that allows you to see whose work resonates most through themed contests. That’s GuruShots: a platform that welcomes photography enthusiasts at all skill levels, offering them a chance to partake in various challenges that test their creativity, technical prowess, and much more. The beauty of GuruShots lies in its peer-voting system, which provides everyone with a fair opportunity to get their work recognized and appreciated on a global scale, offering invaluable feedback and exposure.

A GuruShots contest

Our platform is distinguished by its accessibility. Whether your shots are captured on a smartphone or a high-end DSLR, GuruShots is your stage. This inclusivity fosters a rich learning environment for photographers of all backgrounds to grow and refine their skills.

The Genesis of GuruShots

GuruShots didn’t emerge by chance. It was conceived by me and my business partner, Eran Hazout, as a fun place to engage with peers and get inspired. We envisioned a space where photographers could continuously challenge themselves and others, advancing with every snapshot taken. Our platform has been sculpted by the invaluable insights and feedback from our community, ensuring GuruShots remains a compelling and evolving space committed to enhancing the photographic art form.

Who Will Thrive with GuruShots?

If your passion lies in capturing moments and you're in search of an arena that pushes you to new heights, inspires, and connects you with a like-minded community, then GuruShots is your haven. It's designed for anyone who revels in the excitement of competition, the pursuit of growth, and the pleasure of discovering within a supportive network.

Beyond a Mere Platform

GuruShots stands out not just as a platform but as a thriving, supportive community of photography lovers. It’s a place not solely focused on competition, but on personal improvement, learning, and venturing into new photographic territories. Our challenges encourage you to view the world through a myriad of lenses, pushing you to explore beyond your comfort zone.

Furthermore, GuruShots presents an extraordinary avenue for photographers to achieve global recognition. By participating in challenges, your work has the potential to captivate an international audience and be featured in real-world photography exhibitions, produced and orchestrated by GuruShots across the globe.

A GuruShots exhibition

In essence, GuruShots transcends the conventional boundaries of online photography platforms. It’s a vibrant, expanding community where photography enthusiasts worldwide gather to test their skills, share their perspectives, and forge connections. Whether you’re aiming to stretch your creative limits, gain accolades, or simply indulge in the art of photography, GuruShots offers a rich, unparalleled experience.