Zedge Premium Artist Profile: Jeff Pittman

By Tim Quirk 2 min read
Zedge Premium Artist Profile: Jeff Pittman

Q: Who are you and where are you located?

A: Hi!  I’m a music artist, located in Washington State, USA.

Q: What kind of art do you make?

A: I generally make short-form music clips.  These clips tend to be used for ringtones, notification tones, and fun little uses.

Q: When and why did you first become an artist?

A: I’ve been making music as long as I can remember.  Drummer in church in high school, played on the Warped Tour in 2003, and trying to play music as often as I can.

Q: What else do you do for a living, if anything? What percentage of  your income comes from that vs. your art?

A: Investor Relations (FastPitch IR).  Music makes up a small percentage of income, but it is nice to have a creative outlet that generates income. 

Q: What tools do you use most in your work, and how has that changed over time?

A: Logic Pro is my go-to.  100%.

Q: What’s your opinion of AI creation tools?

Love AI, but I think it sucks at art.  Art comes from a point of angst, pain, whimsy, sadness, elation.  AI will never understand that.

Q: How and when did you first discover Zedge Premium?

A: 2019, while looking for a market to list ringtones.

Q: How many profile pages do you have in Zedge?

A: About 20 - different profiles for different sounds.

Q: How many items do you upload each day/week/month on average?

A: Not as much as of late, but for a while I was trying for one a day.

Q: How much money do you make from Zedge in an average week/month/year?

A: About $100 / month.

Q: What are some of your most successful works with Zedge users?

A: A tone called “Elf” has earned about $769 over time.

Q: What tips or tricks do you have for other Zedge artists?

A: Just keep creating art until you find a groove.  Enjoy the creation process, and understand that Zedge is a unique opportunity that really does value creators.

Q: What additional features do you wish Zedge would add?

Let’s users subscribe to artists via a $1 / month payment.  Artists derive value by building a brand, and the gold standard is finding fans who will commit to consistently supporting their favorite artists.

Q: What other artists or works inspire you?

A: Tom Petty, God his rest his soul.